Baby , he’s space!

Baby , he’s space!


The spacewalk 🌠

Baby, he’s space!
The combination of dark 75% chocolate with a divine chocolate caramel filling will take you to another dimension.
Be prepared for the fact that for some time you will lose your sense of reality 😁
To return to earth, a SIP of coffee or tea will help, so be vigilant and prudent 😉


The best time to eat dark chocolate


This product has millions of fans around the world, scientists are constantly discovering new aspects of its composition, and we are happy to agree that eating it is not only delicious but also useful. We will talk, of course, about chocolate.

Really useful chocolate is exclusively dark Darcor bitter. That is, the cocoa content in it should be at least 55% and up to 99%. Moreover, in the form of grated cocoa and cocoa butter. If the composition contains cocoa powder, this chocolate can no longer be attributed to the present.

In the composition of dark chocolate from artificial components can contain only lecithin-it reduces the viscosity of the chocolate mass.
Homemade dark chocolate can be made in the form of a tile, or you can in the form of sweets.

Moreover, these sweets can be made from a self-prepared chocolate mixture, or from store-bought and melted quality chocolate.
With fillings for such sweets, your imagination can go very far.

These are traditional nuts, dried fruits, cookies, and waffle crumbs, it can be liqueur or cognac in a small amount, lemon, or orange zest. If you are thinking about how to make your own chocolate even more original, you can add all sorts of spices or peppers.

Now, knowing how to make bitter chocolate at home, you can always please your guests with your own desserts or make original chocolates as a gift to your family and friends. But there is another way to make chocolate at home, which will please you on a cold winter evening.



How is Dark Chocolate made?


Making dark chocolate is an exact craftsmanship. With a higher level of cocoa, dark chocolate is painstakingly mixed by chocolate makers to give a serious, rich chocolate taste.

A key stage in the planning of dark chocolate is ‘conching’, which is like a plying mixture. Like a gourmet specialist in his own kitchen, the ace chocolatiers follow a conventional long conching procedure of blending two basic fixings: cocoa and sugar, to ensure a full flavor improvement.

The procedure begins at a particular temperature, and as it begins blending, the temperature is raised gradually to expel dampness and grow new flavors from the warmth.

Care is taken to blend for enough time to completely build up the chocolate seasons and permit fixings to consolidate together in the most velvety manner conceivable.

Some chocolate makers may include flavors for a searing kick, or vanilla for a dash of perfection. Regardless of what flavor is included, dark chocolate consistently holds its profound shade and force.

So, you are a chocolate lover and dream of cooking your favorite treat yourself. We will show you what kind of chocolate you can make at home. If you want to get professional recipes you have come to the right place.


We are preparing a series of masterclasses for you. You will soon be able to purchase them on our website.


The spacewalk 🌠


Uniqueness !!!

Do you think being unique is it great or so-so?

I’m talking about my tiles and sweets.

Never even a single tile and not a single candy are the same, even if you really try.

This is understandable – after all, manual work.

Therefore, I want to assure you, making chocolate yourself, you become the owner of a unique product!

No one else has such chocolate, only you!


Dark 75% chocolate with chocolate caramel filling


As always exclusively natural and useful composition:

Unrefined cocoa butter
Cocoa mass
Acacia honey
The filling is chocolate caramel:
Coconut nectar

Jerusalem artichoke syrup
Coconut cream
Coconut oil
Chocolate 75%



Dark 75% chocolate with chocolate caramel filling😋


Chocolate Composition:
Unrefined Cocoa Butter
Grated cocoa
Acacia honey
Coconut cream
Coconut Sugar
Coconut oil
Chocolate 75%
Jerusalem artichoke syrup



Dark 80% chocolate.


🍫 Cocoa butter
🍫 cocoa mass
🍫 xylitol (natural sweetener)
The sweetener can be at your discretion honey, xylitol, or coconut nectar.
Filling in the second photo: pineapple, mango, coconut chips.



The filler can be selected to your taste:
Cashews, salted pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts.
Dried fruits:
Dried apricots, prunes, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango, kiwi, pomelo, melon.
And also:
Goji berries, Chia, sesame (white, dark), coconut chips, coconut chips.






Please enjoy our different brewing methods and pick out your mug from our wide collection.
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