The 7 best types of Coffee makers.

The 7 best types of Coffee makers.

What are the different best types of coffee makers?

Picking coffee makers for your home relies upon your spending plan, taste inclinations, and even the way of life of you and your family. Let’s analyze the 7 best types of coffee makers and you can choose for yourself what is right for you.



  • Turkish Coffee Pots
  • French Press Coffee Maker
  •  Drip coffee maker
  • Geyser coffee maker
  •  Horn coffee machine (semi-automatic espresso machine)
  •  Automatic coffee machine
  • Capsule coffee machine


 In any case, we offer to respond to 4 inquiries that will assist you with choosing the kind of gear, and afterward, you can get familiar with the coffee machine/coffee machine that intrigues you.



  1. What flavor of coffee do you like? Coffee sweethearts are as different as the assortments themselves, and each type can offer its own coffee maker. For instance, a French press will fulfill a genuine gourmet, since it saves all the shades of grain taste superior to other people. Fountain coffee makers will be perfect for admirers of extra solid coffee. Fanatics of milk drinks (cappuccino, latte, cocoa, and so on.) should purchase a container coffee machine or a programmed coffee machine with a cappuccino machine. Indeed, coffee darlings are suggested coffee machines of the carob type.

How much coffee do you drink? This is simply the main inquiry you should pose before purchasing a coffee machine or coffee creator. In the event that you like to drink several huge mugs one after another or you have an enormous family, at that point you ought to pick a gadget that can plan huge volumes of drink. The tried and true trickle coffee machine is perfect for this reason, in light of the fact that the majority of them can blend 10-12 cups for each cycle. However, on the off chance that you just devour each Cup in turn, at that point you need a machine that mixes coffee in parcels.


  1. How and when do I drink coffee? If you go through the morning regularly in a rush and clamor, at that point a drip coffee creator with a double-divider stainless steel cup will permit you to quickly mix coffee, however, drink it not immediately, yet when you are prepared for it. In addition, you can take a bottle Cup with you and drink your portion of caffeine out and about or at work.
  2. How large is the space for the newest coffee machine?

Decide what space you can set aside for your coffee machine and possibly a free-standing coffee grinder. If there is not much space, then you should look for a compact model with a built-in coffee grinder.


Now you have answered these 4 questions, how about we investigate the sort of coffee creator you are keen on. 


Turkish Coffee Pots


A Turka is a traditional coffee vessel that can be made of copper, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, or clay. In the sale, there are also Turkish coffee pots of glass, silver, and brass. The taste of the finished drink depends largely on the proportions and shape of the product. For uniform heating, the Turk should have a conical shape, have a narrow neck and a thick wide bottom.


Principle of operation like any other dish, the Turk works by heating and heat transfer. Coffee powder, sugar, and cold water are poured into the container. Then the maker is installed on a gas or induction cooker (depending on the material from which the device is made). The drink is brewed for 7-8 minutes and poured into a Cup.



  • the exquisite taste of the drink;
  •  coffee remains hot for a long time; 
  • strength and reliability;
  •  pleasant appearance; 
  • versatility;
  •  lightweight and size;
  •  ease of care and storage; 
  • long service life; 
  • affordable price



  • Turk is easy to damage and deform;
  •  lack of additional functions;
  •  in the process of cooking, the drink may lose some of its taste and aroma qualities.

Turkish Coffee Pots

Turkish Coffee Pot

Turkish Coffee Pot

French Press Coffee Maker

Despite the fact that the percolator was invented in France almost simultaneously with The bellows coffee machine, it was patented only in 1865 by the American James Mason. The principle of operation of the percolation coffee machine is as follows. The boiling water under steam pressure flows up the tube, where it splashes over the coffee on the filter in the form of a geyser, and then flows back down. If the vessel is heated constantly, the circulation will continue indefinitely.


In modern electric percolators, the cooking cycle is programmed depending on the volume and power of the equipment. When the coffee is brewed, the machine automatically switches to the preheating mode of the finished drink. Filling is carried out through a tap located at the bottom.


Usually, percolators are volumetric equipment (5-15 liters), which is used in canteens and cafes with a large number of seats. In General, they are simpler, cheaper and more versatile than drip coffee machines: if you remove the percolation system from the tank, the device can be used as a liquid boiler with a closed heating Element. 


You should also keep in mind that the drink in percolators turns out to be much more saturated than in drip-type machines. A significant disadvantage of this type of coffee equipment is the contact of coffee with boiling water (100oC), which destroys caffeine and essential oils. Expect from such a drink a pleasant invigorating effect and especially good taste is not necessary



  • the exquisite taste of the drink;
  •   pleasant appearance; 
  • versatility;
  •  lightweight and size;
  •  ease of care and storage; 
  • affordable price


  • is easy to damage and deform;
  •  lack of additional functions;
  •  in the process of cooking, the drink may lose some of its taste and aroma qualities.


French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker


Drip coffee makers


Drip coffee makers are presumably the most widely recognized sort of coffee makers around the globe since they are so advantageous, economical, and simple to utilize. Drip coffee machines can mix up to 12 cups in around 5-10 minutes. What’s more, despite the fact that they get terrible surveys from severe experts on the nature of cooking, for the individuals who like Americano coffee, not coffee, and don’t drink fine assortments consistently, the drip coffee producer will be an incredible decision.


How to use a drip coffee maker:


all you have to do is fill the water tank, pour the ground grains into the filter, press a couple of buttons and voila, your coffee is ready!


How to choose a drip coffee maker:


It is desirable that the water tank is removable, not built in-so that you can clean it from the scale. The higher the power of the device, the faster the coffee is brewed. On the other hand, the longer the cooking time, the stronger the coffee turns out.

The filter in a drip coffee maker can be paper (disposable) or nylon (designed for 60 cycles). Paper filters are good because they are thrown out with the coffee grounds, filter the drink better, but they take a little longer, in addition, they need to be purchased separately and always have in stock.

It is good if the model you choose will have a heated jug to maintain the temperature of the finished drink. This function is usually available for more expensive coffee makers.

A drip coffee maker can have not only a coffee filter but also a water filter. Pay attention to the presence of the “Drop-stop” option. Thanks to it, after removing the jug on the tray will not drip coffee residues from the filtration part of the device.

Some models allow you to adjust the strength of the drink, which is always useful. It is convenient when the measuring scale is calculated in milliliters, and not in cups, as it often happens.

Before buying a coffee maker, make sure that both the tank and the jug have a dimensional calibration.

The glass jug must be equipped with a rim designed to protect the container from breaking.

For two people, you can purchase a mini-model that serves coffee in two mugs at the same time, rather than in one jug.



  • Low cost.
  • Ease and ease of care, use.
  • The ability to prepare several portions of the drink at once.
  • The presence of a heating function.
  • In addition to aromatic coffee, you can also prepare tea in the drip coffee machine.
  • In the finished coffee does not remain the grounds.



  • You need to change the filter regularly.
  • After each use, the device must be washed.
  • Not very hot and not too strong coffee. 
  • Large consumption of ground coffee.
  • After cooking, there is no cream foam, which many coffee lovers appreciate very much. 

Drip coffee makers:


Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers

Geyser coffee maker


The good old method of brewing coffee in a geyser coffee maker on the stove is still popular among coffee lovers.

The reason for this is the cheapness and simplicity of the design and, of course, the strength of the drink, which is achieved.

Coffee from a geyser coffee maker is slightly richer in taste than coffee from a drip coffee maker, but still no better than from an espresso machine.

The disadvantage of geyser coffee pots is that they require attention during coffee brewing and a small volume of the tank.

In fact, a geyser coffee maker is a device for one or two people. Making a few cups of coffee for the guests will be quite difficult.

However, you will not be able to cook a drink less than the volume provided by the manufacturer.


Principle of operation:


when water boils in the lower part of the jug, it rises under pressure to the middle part with ground coffee, passes through it, and finally, the drink gets to the top of the coffee pot.


How to use a geyser coffee maker:


fill the lower compartment with water, and fill the middle compartment completely with coffee (medium-ground), then assemble the parts of the coffee maker and put it on the stove. After 3-4 minutes, as soon as the spout starts to steam or sizzle, remove the coffee pot from the stove, and enjoy your drink.

The main trick is not to overdo the coffee and bring it to a boil, otherwise, the taste will be bitter. Electric geyser coffee makers do not even require a stove, they heat up and turn off automatically.


How to choose a geyser coffee maker:


Volume is the first criterion for choosing a geyser coffee maker. Keep in mind that one “Italian” Cup, which most often measures the volume of coffee pots, is only 50 ml, that is, only a quarter of a standard Cup. The degree of readiness of the drink is more convenient to determine if the flask is glass, not metal. The function of maintaining the coffee temperature will allow you to drink a hot drink not immediately, but within 30 minutes after its preparation. For an induction cooker, you must purchase a coffee pot specially designed for this purpose. The handle of the device must be made of heat-insulating material.



  •  coffee does not run away during cooking;
  •  no coffee grounds in the finished drink;
  • rich taste of coffee; 
  • you can brew tea and medicinal herbs in the coffee maker; 
  • the device does not take up much space in the kitchen;
  •  low price; 
  • easy operation.



  •  the need to replace the filter and gaskets;
  •  only coarse coffee is used for cooking;
  •  the risk of being burned on metal construction elements.
  • Geyser coffee makers:

Geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee maker

Carob coffee machine (semi-automatic espresso machine)


You can cook an ideal espresso, cappuccino, or latte at home in a carob espresso machine, which is also called semi-automatic or manual. This unit is expensive, but due to the more efficient extraction of coffee requires a third less grains.


Carob espresso machines are free-standing and built into the kitchen set.


Principle of operation:


in a semi-automatic coffee machine, the drink is brewed not with boiling water, but with water vapor passing through a layer of ground coffee rammed in a cone under high pressure (9-15 bar).


How to use a carob espresso machine:


first, you need to fill the boiler with water. Then ground coffee is poured into a specially designed horn (holder, portafilter), manually tamped with tempera in a “tablet” and inserted into the cooking group. Next, you only need to start the machine and wait for about half a minute when the drink will pour into a pre-prepared Cup.

Most espresso machines can prepare not only espresso but also milk foam for cappuccino or latte using a manual (Panarello) or automatic cappuccino machine, which whips the milk with steam


How to choose a coffee machine of the carob (semi-automatic) type:


The horn in the espresso machine can be metal or plastic. The metal horn is not only more reliable, but also better for coffee extraction. Espresso brewed in a plastic portafilter will turn out weaker.


The machine must have an automatic overheat protection option, which extends the service life of the unit and protects you from burns. It is desirable that your manual coffee machine has the function of maintaining the temperature of the finished drink.

The presence of two pumps will allow you to simultaneously prepare cappuccino and espresso. The coffee machine must have a drip tray.

A useful option of a carob coffee maker is the ability to brew not only ground grains but also chal.

Chad is a” tablet “made of filter paper and a “filling” made of a portion of the ground and pressed coffee. One chal corresponds to 1 Cup of drink. Espresso, brewed from a child, turns out very tasty, and the process of brewing coffee becomes easier.



  • prepares coffee with more pronounced taste qualities, compared to drip models;
  • the coffee is formed by a pleasant cream-colored foam that is loved by many;
  • you do not need to monitor the preparation of the drink;
  • making coffee under pressure allows you to get a minimum consumption of coffee beans.



  • there is no built-in coffee grinder;
  • it is necessary to seal the coffee in the horn with a tempera.
  • its use is more labor-intensive than that of drip coffee makers;
  • it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Carob coffee machine (semi-automatic espresso machine)

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Automatic coffee machine


If previous types of coffee makers require your participation/control, then an automatic coffee machine can brew the perfect drink almost without you.

At the same time, it performs a full cycle of work-from grinding coffee beans to self-cleaning. The only drawback of an automatic coffee machine is the high price.

The process of preparing 1 serving (from grinding to pouring) takes only 30-40 seconds.


How to use an automatic coffee machine:


Fill in the coffee beans, pour water, select the strength of the drink, set the desired number of servings, and turn on the machine.

In half a minute, your perfect homemade espresso will be ready. How to choose an automatic coffee machine:


in fact, all automatic coffee machines are similar and brew coffee almost equally well. Models of different price categories differ only in design, size, and set of functions. For example, the cheapest coffee machine in 2016 Philips Series 2000 HD8649 does not have a strength control, brews only grain coffee and only espresso (however, you can prepare milk drinks manually using the built-in cappuccino machine).


But one of the most expensive coffee machines for home Delonghi ESAM 6904 has an LCD display, touch buttons, two thermal blocks, allows you to choose the height of the foam, and can even cook hot chocolate at the touch of a button. However, they brew coffee at approximately the same quality and at the same speed.

Therefore, you need to choose the unit based on the price-functionality ratio. All other things being equal, you should give preference to a machine with a metal body, a ceramic coffee grinder, with a higher Cup height, greater pressure, and power.


Before buying, be sure to try to move the capuchinator tube, open and close containers for water/grains/cake, press the buttons.



  • fully perform the entire cycle of coffee preparation;
  • high performance;
  • preparation of several types of drinks in fully automatic mode;
  • durability, simplicity, and reliability
  •  always the freshest drink from the grains ground directly for your portion;

It takes no more than 40 seconds to prepare a classic espresso on an automatic coffee machine.



  • high enough cost

Automatic coffee machine


Capsule coffee makers


Capsule coffee maker is the best choice for those who like espresso and drinks with foam, but do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a coffee machine, make coffee yourself in any coffee maker, or just do not like to clean parts.


Capsule coffee makers are designed to brew coffee only from the portion of capsules and pods. They are very convenient both in the preparation of drinks and in cleaning.

To keep the device in order, you only need to run a “cooking” cycle with a special cleaning tablet every three months.

However, capsule coffee machines, firstly, can only cook one Cup per cycle, and secondly, somewhat restrict the choice of varieties (although there are many varieties of capsules).

And third, they require the purchase of coffee in specialty stores.

In addition, the foam for cappuccino and latte is made from milk powder and is also Packed in a separate capsule.

It turns out that you will have to use two capsules to make a cappuccino, which is not too economical.

The taste of such drinks, of course, loses to the drinks from the coffee machine.


How it works:

the capsule is punctured, the coffee is mixed with a stream of air, then water enters the coffee compartment under high pressure. How to use a capsule coffee machine: all you have to do is insert the capsule into a special compartment, fill the tank with water and press the start button



  • takes up little space;
  • easy to use;
  • capsule coffee maker does not require special care;
  • each capsule is filled with natural roasted and ground coffee;
  • low cost.



  • the coffee machine runs on capsules, and if they run out-just ground coffee is no longer suitable;
  • we need capsules from certain manufacturers. This is not so important for regular coffee machines

Capsule coffee machine



Please enjoy our different brewing methods and pick out your mug from our wide collection.
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