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Coffee may not contain sugar, but a spot of adoration is a must!

Coffee Americano (ital. Caffè Americano) is an espresso weakened by water with a high temperature. The proximity of the foam (cream) depends on how the coffee and water are mixed.

Attention! Try not to confuse the concepts of “American” and “American coffee”. In the subsequent case, we do not mean a weakened espresso, but a drink organized through a channel structure, the subsequent name is “Joe’s mug”.


In the United States, since the XIX century, the creators of trickle coffee were known. They use the channels. As indicated in the innovation, heated water is spilled through a layer of ground coffee through the channel. Subsequently, the coffee made in a trickle of coffee creator is called channel coffee. In all bars in America, guests were offered a so-called “Joe Cup” – a compartment with 220 ml of channel coffee, which took 5-7 minutes to prepare.

Towards the end of world war II, American soldiers who were liberating Italy from the Nazis tortured local bartenders with requests to arrange a “Cup of Joe”. The much-desired Italian espresso seemed too hard for Americans, and 30-milliliter bags after a huge Cup of channel coffee were just ridiculous. Over time, it turned out that the Americano flavor is very unique and largely depends on the way the fixations are mixed.

The new drink has already established itself as an authority in various European countries. Americano conducted amazing examinations, including milk, crushed ice, alcohol. There was a misconception: despite the fact that the drinks differ in taste and placement strategy, some baristas still stupefy American coffee, such as channel coffee, and American-weakened espresso.

Cooking technology:

1. Turn on the coffee machine and wait until the ready indicator lights up.

2. If the coffee machine is equipped with a coffee grinder, put a tablespoon with a mound of coffee beans in it.

3. If the coffee maker is carob, measure 7-11 g of ground coffee (measuring capacity or teaspoon, in 1 teaspoon-3 g). Tamp the coffee in the cone with a tempera, making an effort of at least 20 kg.

4. Install the horn in the coffee maker.

5. Heat a large thick-walled Cup (for example, a latte glass) for coffee and another for hot water.

6. Place the espresso Cup in the drip tray, the coffee preparation time is 25-30 seconds.

7. Fill the second cup with hot water (approximate temperature – from +90 to + 92 °C).

8. Mix the ingredients. Add sugar to taste



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