If you have a lot of work to do at night, this coffee recipe might be for you. This will help you stay awake. This drink has several names. Alaska people call it “Sludge cup” for example.
In the northwestern states of America, it is called “Shot in the Dark”.
It really will cheer you up and you will not be able to sleep for long.

Therefore, this recipe for lovers of very strong coffee, we do not recommend sensitive people or those who go to bed soon, you simply will not succeed, because the caffeine content in this recipe is very high.

At first, black eye coffee was the drink of night owls, bohemians, and truck drivers. Since the 80s of the XX century, this type of coffee has entered the menu of many cafes. A standard has been developed: filter coffee must be 120 ml, the amount of espresso depends on the type of black eye.

Types of black eye coffee:

bruised eye (“red-eye”) – two servings of espresso (60 ml) and 120 ml of filter coffee;

dead eye (“dead eye”) – three servings of espresso (90 ml) and 120 ml of filter coffee;

sluggish eye – two servings of espresso (60 ml) and 120 ml of decaffeinated coffee prepared in a filter coffee maker.

This drink is served in ceramic cups. Together with the drink, the guest is offered a spoon, a sugar bowl or a sugar sticker. Although it is customary to drink the classic black eye without sugar, some people still prefer to sweeten the coffee, especially if the blend contains a lot of robusta.

At the request of the guest, a creamer with milk or cream is served along with the black eye. This is a little against the rules, but those who are not used to very strong coffee can thin it.

Black eye combines chocolate, hard cheese, citrus fruits (a slice of lemon with sugar or an orange slice sprinkled with cinnamon).

How to  prepare 

Mix espresso and filtered coffee. Add sugar and milk to taste.


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