A properly prepared dry cappuccino consists of espresso, milk, and airy milk froth. 

Appetizing foam is usually laid out from a special metal container for whipping milk onto previously prepared espresso and poured hot milk. 

Most often dry cappuccino is garnished with chocolate or cinnamon. 

This type of cappuccino preparation is very popular in Vienna and is prepared in many coffee houses and restaurants in European countries. 

The resulting drink has a rich coffee flavor, and the milk froth is ideal for creating a variety of latte art techniques. 

Sometimes, when using this technique, the milk is overheated, and it takes on an unpleasant taste and smell of boiled milk. 

It is important to observe the temperature of serving cappuccino and remember that it should not be higher than 65-70 .




1. Prepare a shot of espresso

2. Whisk the milk until frothy

3. Add hot milk to the espresso

4. Put the foam on top marshmallow foam, with bubbles so small that they are almost invisible.

5. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste



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