The birthplace of this drink in Italy. Espresso is cooked very quickly and also drunk quickly. It has many cooking options,

Espresso serves as the basis for many other coffee drinks.

Strong black coffee is the eternal love of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast.

But until the 20th century, the drink was prepared only in Cezve, and visitors to coffee shops had to wait too long for an order.

Therefore, when in 1901 the Milan engineer Bezzera invented a coffee machine, it immediately became clear that the device had a great future.

Already in 1903, лиentrepreneur Desiderio Pavoni acquired a license and since 1905 began to produce Pavoni coffee machines.

The novelty delighted the audience: now it took only half a minute to make coffee, so the name espresso turned out to be quite deserved.

Even before the war, the fashion for coffee machines swept Italy and France. In 1927, the first coffee machine appeared in one of the bars in New York.



1. Coffee powder with or without sugar must be pre-heated in the Turk. The water must be heated separately,

combined with coffee powder and left on a small heat until boiling.

2. When the foam starts to rise, remove the Turk from the fire, and mix the coffee.

Put on fire again and bring to a boil. Cover the finished espresso for a while so that it cools a little and insists.

Only then can you pour coffee into a cup.

3. Add sugar to taste.

How to make espresso with coffee machine


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