Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate


Good Morning!

Earlier in the morning. Silence. Calm. Only the song of birds is heard. Harmony.
Just you and your thoughts. The minutes pass slowly. You enjoy the rest.
Soon everyone will get up and start a busy day-work, children, training, home, speed, business, business, business, all the fuss… But now there is only YOU and your favorite CANDY.

Enjoy life, enjoy the moment!
With care for your health!

What are men silent about?

Very often, we women are struck and surprised by the fact that, unlike us, emotional and chatty, men always keep everything in themselves.

And yet, what is the man thinking about?
Men have many tasks and many of them are very difficult.

How to earn so much that would be enough for everyone: wife, children, parents?
How to build a house?
How to cope with problems at work? Need to help a friend ….
How to stay fit when you are over …
It is necessary to take his son to football because he promised!
Well, why was she offended and how to fix it?
And this list is endless.

But how do you want to at least sometimes not for long be alone with yourself, relax? Leave all thoughts behind the door and enjoy the silence and your favorite drink, eat something delicious.

Coffee whiskey truffle is ideal for this occasion.
A real man’s candy with a brutal combination of flavors of coffee, whiskey, and chocolate. She will give you a feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Will fill you with energy and good mood.

Take care of yourself and your health, dear men! After all, you are our strength, protection, and support!
Share your thoughts about what men are silent. why do guys give the silent treatment


Superfood for men

Do you know that chocolate is so good for men?

✔ With regular chocolate intake, the risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced.

✔ normalizes blood pressure. This is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis – it normalizes the deposition of cholesterol.

✔ your brain will become a MEGAMOZOG

Chocolate promotes blood flow, which improves the functioning of brain cells and increases the ability to think.

✔ Chocolate helps you deal with stress and depression.

✔ it’s just a super energy, which will give you a good boost of energy and help you recover after physical and mental stress.

✔ Chocolate is a natural APHRODISIAC.
It increases sex drive.
In the old days, sultans and emperors always ate a few pieces of chocolate before going to a woman, so to speak, to warm up the blood. And there are more than a few wives in a harem🙄

✔ and lastly, chocolate has a huge amount of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body, which is a good cancer prevention

Best chocolate for guys!

Coffee whiskey truffle is a candy with a masculine character – the same brutal and at the same time tender, bitter, and at the same time sweet.
Such a combination of tastes as dark chocolate, whiskey, and coffee is exclusively for real, strong, and determined men.

☕Cocoa butter
☕Chocolate 75%
☕Natural coffee
☕Coconut Nectar
☕Acacia honeyBest chocolate for guys



Truffle “coffee” is ideal for strong men!

And this truffle is for lovers of strong black coffee and dark chocolate. Saturated, I would say the brutal taste of coffee. Of course, such invigorating sweets are better to eat in the morning, well, or in the evening, if you have plans for the night😁
You will be provided with energy and vigor! 😉
☕Natural coffee
☕Шоколад black chocolate
☕Coconut Oil
☕ keshu paste
☕Coconut Nectar
☕ options: anise, cinnamon, pepper mixture

Coffee Truffle





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