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Do you want to say good morning to your friends? You will be the most original with our funny coffee quotes. Our pictures will please your friends. Share on your pages in social networks and send your interesting ideas.   Coffee is a fleeting moment and a fragrance. – CLAUDIA RODEN         […]

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How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

Nowadays, many individuals choose coffee from all drinks. In order not to damage your health and wellness, you should understand precisely how much caffeine is in the coffee you drink. Let’s make a booking right away– the secure quantity of caffeine that an individual can consume per day is 400 mg. In enhancement, the web […]

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There are three types of Americano

There are three types of Americano. Let’s talk are three types of Americano. 1.Classic Italian Americano-hot water is added to espresso (volume 120 ml, temperature 84-92°C); 2.Modern Scandinavian Americano-espresso is added to hot water (volume 120 ml, temperature 84-92°C) ; 3.European democratic serving-hot water (120 ml volume, temperature 84-92°C) and espresso are served separately. Cooking […]

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How many calories in coffee?

Let’s talk about calories in coffee. The delicious aroma and unsurpassed taste-a Cup of black coffee will help you Wake up in the morning, cheer up after lunch and cause a surge of strength, energy, and mental activity in the afternoon. But if you deny yourself your favorite drink for fear of getting better, we […]

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53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Stay with us and we will talk about 53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks. So, How many different types of coffee you know? How to make good iced coffee at home? How do you make good-tasting coffee at home? What is a cappuccino? What is espresso? What is iced coffee? How to make iced coffee? […]

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Baby , he’s space!

  The spacewalk 🌠 Baby, he’s space! The combination of dark 75% chocolate with a divine chocolate caramel filling will take you to another dimension. Be prepared for the fact that for some time you will lose your sense of reality 😁 To return to earth, a SIP of coffee or tea will help, so […]

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  Well, my dear readers, are you ready to hear the story of your favorite beverage. Will it be just dry facts about the discovery of the coffee tree and the stages of development of coffee production in the world or will it be an exciting story full of legends and mysteries? Let’s try to […]

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Can You Eat Coffee Beans?

  Can You Eat Coffee Beans? Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and its consumption is growing steadily from year to year. Many of us can boast the knowledge and secrets of making delicious coffee, but what about use coffee grounds, ground coffee, or whole coffee beans as food? What […]

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The Misto Coffee

  How about we start with the latte. The most “essential” coffee/milk drink, it’s simply coffee, steamed milk, and a smidgen of milk froth on top. On the off chance that it’s frosted, it’s coffee and milk blended in with ice. It’s not exceptionally fond of its own; numerous individuals improve it with sugar or […]

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The 7 best types of Coffee makers.

What are the different best types of coffee makers? Picking coffee makers for your home relies upon your spending plan, taste inclinations, and even the way of life of you and your family. Let’s analyze the 7 best types of coffee makers and you can choose for yourself what is right for you.   Contents: […]

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Coffee and Chocolate

  Good Morning! Earlier in the morning. Silence. Calm. Only the song of birds is heard. Harmony. Just you and your thoughts. The minutes pass slowly. You enjoy the rest. Soon everyone will get up and start a busy day-work, children, training, home, speed, business, business, business, all the fuss… But now there is only […]

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10 BENEFITS  OF COFFEE. Let `s talk about the benefits of coffee. Often we ask ourselves questions: Is coffee good for you? Is coffee good for your heart? What benefits coffee of weight loss? What coffee benefits for men? How much coffee is good for you? Caffeine increases the level of dopamine in the brain, which makes […]

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