53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Stay with us and we will talk about 53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks.


How many different types of coffee you know?

How to make good iced coffee at home?

How do you make good-tasting coffee at home?

What is a cappuccino?

What is espresso?

What is iced coffee?

How to make iced coffee?

Can you mix coffee and vodka?

How to make simple alcoholic coffee drinks?

Stay with us and we will talk about 53 Different Types of Coffee Drinks.

A person who really loves coffee knows what espresso is.  And he will never call this divine drink an expresso.  This drink, made from very hot water and finely ground roasted coffee, can include one or more espresso, which is brewed under pressure in a coffee machine (or in a special Saeco coffee maker, for example).

 Don’t worry if you don’t have a dedicated coffee machine.  All of these espresso-based beverage recipes can be easily replicated with a few ounces of strong brewed coffee from any coffee maker, such as a French press.

  In most cases, many coffee-based beverages include espresso.

   True coffee lovers know that espresso can be made from any coffee beans.  Most espresso is made from the dark roast, but the regular dark roast is also acceptable.  And most importantly, you need to make sure that you have the correct and high-quality equipment for preparing this drink and you also need to pay attention to a high-quality coffee grinder to select the desired grind.

   In every coffee house in the world, espresso is the basis for all coffee drinks.

   Many coffee blends use different espresso mixes that differ in quality and taste, for example, Sumatra coffee beans can be blended with robusta, resulting in a persistent creamy foam and high caffeine content.

 Different Types of Coffee Drinks. 

Different Types of Coffee Drinks. 

 Any of these coffee shop recipes can be made in the Ninja Coffee Bar system, simply by swapping 2 ounces of espresso for 4 ounces of strong coffee at Ninja Coffee Bar.  The great advantage of this system is the convenient use of the frother and the steam milk makes the preparation of most espresso drinks a pleasant and easy experience.  There are also options to use the XL and large brew and ice brew, which makes it possible to make iced coffee.


    Among the variety of coffee drinks are cafe Mocha, cappuccino, and cafe Latte.  Of course, there are many more recipes for coffee drinks, and every coffee lover has a favorite recipe that he prepares with his own secrets.  For example, with the addition of skim milk, or with a portion of extra coffee, etc.).

   Coffee-based drinks are a unique product that goes well with many appetizers, usually pastries and desserts, such as croissant, brioche, biscotti, Italian desserts.  You can find out about these recipes in the ESPRESSO  section.

   So it’s time to get acquainted with the tastiest and best espresso recipes …

Espresso drinks



   The barista recipe for a real Americano is very simple, just add 6 ounces of hot water to a serving of plain espresso.  The strength of this drink corresponds to drip filter coffee.  Americano coffee is an interpretation of “American style” in Italian serving.  You can add sugar and hot milk if you wish.


   To prepare this drink, mix half an ounce of milk (can be substituted for vanilla schnapps) and half an ounce of coffee liqueur.  The liquor should be on top.


   The coffee shop drink recipe is very simple, just mix two espresso and a cup of brewed coffee.  There are different versions of this drink, for example, Death eye and Red eye.


  If you like a combination of coffee flavor and alcohol, then Black Russian is for you.  To do this, mix 1.5 ounces of coffee liqueur and the same amount of vodka, and add crushed ice.


  This is a milk-free version of the cappuccino with only the foam added.


  Translated from Italian, the name of this drink means “espresso with cream”.  To make it, you need to mix two servings of espresso and whipped cream (a spoonful or more, according to your taste).



  Definitely an option for strong coffee drinkers.  For this recipe, you will need to mix three servings of espresso and a serving of strong brewed coffee.



  This drink has several names – Shot-In-The-Dark;  Pile Driver;  Red Eye;  or Eye Opener.  To prepare, mix one serving of ESPRESSO and one cup of brewed strong coffee.



  In fact, this is a double espresso (about 3 ounces) that is prepared in a coffee machine.  this drink should be served in a cappuccino cup or increased demitasse.  Other names for this drink are Doppio Espresso;  Espresso Doppio, Double Shot.



  This is the Italian variation of espresso, from Italian breve means “short”.  This drink requires a one-to-one serving of espresso with heated (or brewed) cream.



  Translated from French, CAFE AU LAIT (CAFÉ AU LAIT) means coffee with milk.  In fact, this is the French designation for the Italian Caffe Latte.  This coffee drink is prepared from strong coffee (for this, coffee from a French press is suitable) or espresso with warmed milk, but without adding foam.  This drink is traditionally served in a large bowl-shaped cup, heated milk is served separately, after which coffee and milk are mixed to taste.  This large portion usually goes well with rolls and croissants.



  This is the Spanish name for the French Candy Coffee.  To prepare this drink, you need to mix one serving of espresso and the same amount of condensed milk.  During feeding, the layers must be separate, and only after feeding are they mixed.




  This coffee drink is especially popular in Cuba and the American-Cuban community in America, for example in Miami.  This strong drink is twice as strong as American coffee and is served in small paper cups, usually at the end of a meal.  The cups are very small, about the size of a thimble, and are called tactics.  If there is an order of Cuban coffee for a group of people, then it is called colada.

  So, for the classic recipe for this drink, pour ice water into a coffee maker (you can use a coffee maker for the stove or an espresso machine), pour espresso beans into the water.  Close the pot tightly and slowly bring to a boil.  Take a coffee cup, put a couple of tablespoons of sugar in it, and when the coffee begins to slowly flow into the cup, mix the sugar and a little coffee to a paste.  Then add the rest of the coffee to a stable foam.



  It is a Spanish variation of the coffee drink and is traditionally served with sweet pastries or bread and butter.  You will need a classic dark roasted espresso, warmed milk and sugar to taste.



   This is a decaffeinated coffee that has different options for lovers of coffee taste but without an invigorating effect.



  This drink has several names – Cafe Creme (Café Crème) and Espresso Creme.  To prepare this drink, take one serving of espresso, add 30 ml of heavy cream and sugar to taste.


  For lovers of creamy taste, we recommend preparing ESPRESSO CREME.  Add 30 grams of heavy cream to one serving of espresso and you have this creamy taste.  Another name for this drink is Caffe cream.



  This is a Cuban version of espresso, for this drink prepare two servings of espresso, but reduce the extraction time to the usual 18-22 seconds, add granulated sugar to taste.



  The recipe for this drink is very simple, just dip two servings of espresso and add sugar to taste.  After that, place the drink in the freezer and wait until it does not completely freeze, remove and grind.  It is recommended to serve this drink in a cup with a spoon.  Whipped cream can be added if desired.



  To make this version of ESPRESSO, you will need one shot of espresso and a small amount of light cream (or steam cream, or 50/50).  From Italian, breve is translated as “short”.



  Translated from Italian, the name of this drink means “espresso with cream”.  To make it, you need to mix two servings of espresso and whipped cream (a spoonful or more, according to your



  Another name for this drink is Long Shot.  This drink is the basis for the preparation of many coffee drinks.  To prepare this drink, pour 1.5 water through the ground espresso coffee and use a longer extraction time of 25-40 seconds.



  To make the Espresso Macchiato drink, take one serving of the special Macchiato espresso and 1.5 tablespoons of foam (you can add a little cream or milk to your liking. Serve this drink in a small cup



  This beverage has a thicker, more coffee-like flavor than other espresso options.  To prepare this drink you will need experience and a little skill, as there is a fine line between stopping the espresso machine and preparing the perfect Espresso Ristretto.  You will need a shot of espresso, but using half the water (use ¾ ounce instead of ½).  In this case, the water should flow through the ground coffee for 18-20 seconds (instead of the usual 22 seconds) and the coffee grinding should be even finer than usual.  This is the most preferred shot in Europe, has another name – SHORT-PULL ESPRESSO.


  Caffee latte comes from the Italian “Caffe e latte”, which means “coffee with milk.”  Similar to the French Cafe Au Lait, lattes are often flavored with sweet Italian syrups such as hazelnuts, almonds, and other nutty flavors.


  This is the Italian version of Cafe Au Lait and is essentially a regular coffee with milk.  Caffe Latte is honestly seasoned with sweet syrups (almond, chocolate, nutty flavors) when serving.  To make specialty coffee drink recipe you need a large ceramic mug or a tall, clear coffee glass, pour two espresso into it, and add the steamed milk (1/3 ratio).  Use a coffee spoon to trap the froth when the glass is about full and fill the rest of the cup with milk froth.  If you pour coffee and milk at the same time, you can achieve a stable foam effect.


  The name of this drink comes from the term Mocha (Moka), which is originally a specific type of coffee, named after a port in Yemen, which is located near the famous coffee growing region. Chocolate mocha recipe very easy, Take a tall glass coffee cup, pour in two servings of espresso, add 30 grams of chocolate syrup (or powder), and steamed milk until the glass is full.

  Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate chips or cereal as you wish and taste.



  Noisette translates to hazelnut and indicates the color of the drink.  To make this drink, mix one shot of espresso and milk to taste.




  Cappuccino is a coffee beverage with a moist and creamy froth on top of the beverage.  When serving, the most commonly used are ground cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate chips, vanilla and powdered sugar.

  The classic recipe for this drink is to pour one or two servings of espresso and boiled milk (½ ratio), there should be foam on top.  There are many variations of this drink, different ratios of coffee, milk and foam.  Typically, this is an equal ratio of 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk and the same amount of foam.  You can increase the coffee content by 50% in the cup and then add equal amounts of milk and foam.  It depends on your taste preference.


  This is a variety of Latte where coffee tea with cherries is used for the base.



  If you add activated carbon to regular Latte, you get a drink called Charcoal Latte.



  For lovers of aromatic coffee, we recommend preparing Coconut Latte.  To do this, mix two servings of espresso and 30 grams of coconut syrup, which you can replace with canned coconut cream.  Then fill the cup with boiled milk.  Decorate the top of the cup with froth and chocolate chips with grated fried coconut.


  For those who are allergic to dairy products, the Vietnamese egg coffee option is suitable.  This drink replaces condensed milk with coconut milk.  Therefore, this drink is suitable for people who are allergic to dairy products.



  For alcohol lovers, we recommend trying Coffee Nudge.  It is a hot coffee drink with brandy, Kahlua or creme de cacao added.



  This Spanish drink combines dark roasted premium coffee and warmed milk, sugar added to taste.


  This is the American variant of Granita Espresso.  To prepare, mix a serving of espresso with sugar and milk.  Place in the freezer, wait until it freezes completely, then chop and add whipped cream.


  This is a variant of a cold drink, to be prepared by pouring a shot of espresso on ice and mixing with three ounces of cold milk.  Add sugar to taste, serve with foam.


  This is an alcoholic version of a coffee drink.  To make it, pour 30 grams of Irish whiskey into a glass of warm water and add almost all of the sweetened coffee to the glass, then add a little heavy cream on the back of a spoon.  The sugar in the coffee will bring the cream to the surface.  You can garnish the bowl with whipped cream if you wish. this drink warms well in cold weather and is a favorite Christmas coffee latte.


  This is a variant of the light Latte, for it you need a cup of hot milk to which you need to add ESPRESSO on top, the espresso should be added to the milk slowly to create a dark swirl effect in the cup.


  To make this chocolate mocha recipe, you will need two servings of espresso and 30 grams of chocolate syrup, chocolate powder will also work.  Mix this in a tall glass and add the steamed milk to the top.  You can garnish with whipped cream and chocolate flakes as you wish.




  To make a Mocha Latte, pull two shots of espresso and pour them into a tall cup.  Now stir in one ounce of chocolate syrup or chocolate powder, then top it off with steamed milk and foam.  The end result should be about one-fourth espresso, one-fourth chocolate, and half milk and foam.

  A Mocha Latte is similar to a Caffe Mocha but more milk, and similar to a Caffe Latte but more chocolate!


 41. RED EYE

   If you add one cup of brewed coffee to one serving of espresso, you get the RED EYE drink (also called Pile driver or Shot-in-the-dark).



   If you like to experiment, be sure to try the coffee lemonade Romano drink.  You need to serve one serving of espresso along with a slice of fresh lemon (one kp more, depending on your taste), as a rule, the lemon is served on the side.  It is believed that this method was invented by the Italians, although they deny it.

   Many coffee lovers believe that lemon and coffee don’t go together, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s true or fiction.



   If you are a fan of strong and thick coffee with an intense espresso flavor, we recommend you try



   (Also called Short Shot or Espresso Ristretto).  If you add ¾ ounces of water to your coffee machine instead of the usual 1-1 / 2 and the coffee is grinded more finely than usual, you end up with a Short Shot or Pull espresso.  A very important nuance, the water should pour out through the coffee in 18-20 seconds no more, compared to the usual 22 seconds.  Another method of slower extraction can be achieved by adding additional pressure to tamp the coffee and by squeezing.  It is believed to be the most consumed coffee drink in Europe.  This drink is aromatic, sweet and strong, which is achieved through limited extraction, which leads to the extraction of the best taste of the coffee.



   If you mix one shot of espresso and a cup of brewed coffee, you get a drink called A Shot-In-the-Dark, different variations of this name are Red Eye;  Pile Driver;  Depth Charge;  and Eye Opener.  Also, see Black Eye;  Dead Eye.



   If you prepare one serving of espresso (about 1/2 ounce) in a coffee machine, you will have a SHOT OF ESPRESSO drink, which is recommended to be served at the pre-warmed demitasse.



   If you are a lover of traditional Turkish coffee, we suggest you prepare SPICY VIENNESE ESPRESSO.  To do this, prepare two servings of espresso and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon, in the same proportion allspice, chopped 4 cloves, and whipped cream to taste.



   To prepare the SPLIT SHOT ESPRESSO low caffeine coffee drink, mix a shot of espresso with half the caffeinated grounds and half the decaffeinated grounds



  There is a separate large page for this recipe, give instructions on what to do with this recipe



   For lovers of sweet coffee, we offer you the TOFFEE LATTE recipe.  To do this, mix two servings of espresso with chocolate, caramel syrup and praline (syrup), all one ounce each.  Fill the rest of the cup with a little froth and steamed milk to taste.  You can supplement the drink with grated chocolates and / or dash of toffee shavings.



   For this extraordinary coffee drink, prepare two espressos with a little sugar.  Then put the drink in the freezer and wait until it almost completely freezes, after that it must be removed and crushed well.  The sugar will keep this drink from freezing completely, making it easy for you to crush.

   The meaning of the word “granita” refers to the granularity of the sugar.  This drink can be served with whipped cream.  Usually served with a small coffee spoon.


   The classic version of TURKISH COFFEE is coffee that is brewed in an ibrik (or cezve), using the best quality grains that are not filtered and served with the thickening.  Optionally, it can be served with ground cardamom.


   This is a classic recipe for a coffee drink brewed with whipped cream.




Please enjoy our different brewing methods and pick out your mug from our wide collection.
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