There are three types of Americano

There are three types of Americano

There are three types of Americano.

Let’s talk are three types of Americano.

1.Classic Italian Americano-hot water is added to espresso (volume 120 ml, temperature 84-92°C);
2.Modern Scandinavian Americano-espresso is added to hot water (volume 120 ml, temperature 84-92°C) ;
3.European democratic serving-hot water (120 ml volume, temperature 84-92°C) and espresso are served separately.

Cooking Americano in Italian.

You will need ground coffee; filtered water. First, you need to prepare an espresso.

In this method, the foam on the surface of the drink is completely destroyed.

Therefore, the cream of Americano prepared in this way is not considered an indicator of quality and is not mandatory.

Next, you need to pour it into a pre-prepared Cup and add a little hot water.

At this time, you need to try not to damage the foam that formed on the drink. If the foam is absent and the taste is not so concentrated, you will get a softer Americano.

There is also a Swedish Americano.

The second method, Scandinavian or Swedish, is as follows: first, boiling water is poured into the Cup, and only then espresso is added.

The method of preparing Americano in Swedish has the difference in that you need to pour the espresso into a cup with hot water.

Thus, the foam on the coffee is almost not destroyed and the drink will remain with a slight bitterness.

How to make An Americano  professional baristas

Usually, professional baristas dilute espresso with water in equal amounts.

But in fact, there are no restrictions in this business, so everyone can do as they like.

Simple recipe for making Americano

A simple recipe for making Americano Take 1 teaspoon of ground coffee and 220 ml of water.

To make one Cup of Americano, you need to pour water and put ground coffee.

Set the coffee maker to 85 degrees and wait until the coffee drink is ready.

For all other parameters, “Italian” and “Swedish” Americano do not differ from each other.

Although many connoisseurs claim that the first SIP of the drink prepared in the Swedish way, has a softer and richer taste.

Recently, the method of serving Americano is gaining popularity: hot water in a glass (or glass) is brought separately from espresso.

Thus, each person decides how and in what proportion they will dilute their coffee.

Many people just like the taste of Americano and the fact that it is less strong, rich, and concentrated than the classic espresso.

It is impossible to brew weak coffee in an espresso machine, and the only way to get a semblance of American filter coffee is to dilute the espresso with water.

In fact, the classic filter coffee is much tastier and healthier than Americano.

Homemade recipe for making Americano at home to do this, take 9 g of freshly ground coffee, and 125 ml of hot water.

Prepare a medium-sized Cup, put it in the coffee machine, and start the espresso cooking process.

After the Cup is filled with 30 ml of pure coffee, you need to turn off the device and add water-125 ml. In the end, you get a beautiful Americano.


How can you ruin Americano?

Very often, coffee shops and bars under the guise of Americano serve a coffee drink prepared by increasing the time of coffee extraction in the coffee machine (the duration of the spill is not 25 seconds, but 50 or more). This Americano has a burnt taste and is bitter. In addition, it contains harmful substances, resins, and carcinogens.

An empty taste with a pronounced sour aftertaste is considered a sign of a poorly prepared drink. And the excess of caffeine in a Cup of coffee is clearly indicated by white spots on the surface of the cream. If the coffee extraction time is 30-45 seconds, you will get not an American, but a classic Italian drink-espresso lungo (“long espresso”).



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